Tag League

New Sydney City Competition

19 Jan 2017

The Tag League Association has announced the establishment of a new Sydney City competition. The competition is being launched to support the growing residential population in and around the CBD. One of the things we have observed is the growing number of housing units, said Amanda Vecchio, Secretary of the Tag League Association. We often get calls about where people can play in and around the CBD in the evenings, and its disappointing when we have to say we have nothing available in their area. We already offer Lunchtime Competitions in the CBD via Lunchtime Legends who offers a variety of sports, but this will be a dedicated Tag competition in the evenings. The first competition to be offered is at the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) at Redfern, commencing in late March. A series of new competitions are expected to launch in the coming year focused around the CBD, with further announcements to be made as we finalise arrangements with Sydney City Council & other private venues regarding access to grounds. The new Sydney City Tag League Competition site can be found at: www.SydneyCityTagLeague.com.au