Last Updated: Friday 8th September 2017

What is the Tag League Elite Pro-Series?

  • The Tag League Elite Pro-Series is a new senior competition convened by the Tag League Association Inc.
  • This is a Full Field Tag Competition closely aligned to the rules of Rugby League, with 11 players on the field.
  • Games are played on Sunday afternoons & consist of 2 x 25 minute halves with a 4 minute half time break.
  • The competition is designed to attract players who wish to participate at the highest level on a weekly basis.
  • Mens, Womens plus a new Mixed division are available.
  • The competition concept is simple;
    • Participation is limited to 8 teams per division for the Spring 2017 Elite Pro-Series.
    • Teams will be placed in a Round Robin draw, playing each other once over 7 Rounds.
    • The top 4 Teams then play a Final Series over 2 weeks, with teams ranked 1st to 4th.
    • The Finalist Teams share in a Prize Pool valued at $3,400.
  • Registrations are open to Teams or Individuals wishing to play, they do not need to be aligned with any code or association.
  • Teams can pay a flat fee and can have up to 18 players, who will all enjoy a discounted entry, or choose to pay separately for a slightly higher fee.
  • Individuals can nominate to play and every effort will be made to place them in a team.
  • Teams can request additional players.

Where will the Spring 2017 Elite Pro-Series be held?

  • Venue: All games to be played at Dwyer Oval, Warwick Farm. Click Here for more Venue Information.
  • The venue is situated at Warwick Farm near Liverpool, with access Via the Hume Highway or Cumberland Highway.
  • Dwyer Oval is a premium sports field featuring a well maintained flat grass surface, covered seating area & amenities.

When will the Spring 2017 Elite Pro-Series be held?

  • The Spring 2017 Elite Pro-Series will be played on Sunday afternoons between 2pm & 6pm
  • Games are scheduled to commence 15th October, playing through November, with Finals being played in December, concluding before Christmas.

How long will the Spring 2017 Elite Pro-Series be?

  • The Spring 2017 Elite Pro-Series will be conducted over 9 weeks, being a 7 week Round Robin plus 2 weeks of Finals.
  • Not every team will play in the finals series;
    • At the conclusion of the Round Robin, the bottom 4 teams in each draw are eliminated.
    • The top 4 teams play a Final Series over 2 weeks in the following format;
      • Week 1: 1v4, 2v3
      • Week 2: Winners from week 1 play for 1st & 2nd place, Losers from week 1 play for 3rd & 4th place.

Divisions Available

  • Mens Opens - Minimum 17 years of age, no maximum age restrictions on players.
  • Womens Opens - Minimum 17 years of age, no maximum age restrictions on players.
  • Mixed Opens - Minimum 17 years of age, no maximum age restrictions on players. The Mixed competition will play with 6 Men & 5 Women on the field, but you can have whatever mix of Men & Women to make up an 18 person team.


  • Each division will play for a prize pool of $3,400;
    • Winning Team: Total Prize of $2,800, made up of $2000 Cash plus custom sublimated gear valued at $800
    • Runner Up Team: $500 Cash
    • Third Place Team: A case of Premium Beer & 2 Bottles of Premium Bubbly valued at $100


  • Teams are required to wear a uniform consisting of Tag League Shorts or Tights & Numbered Jerseys
  • Uniforms are not included in the cost of registration


  • Team members have the option of registering separately paying the Individual Fee, or they can pool together and pay the Team Fee, taking advantage of the significant (30%) Team Discount available (18 players for $1,500 vs $2,160 being 18x$120 saving $660). This works out to only $83 per player!
  • If team members wish to pay separately, they will pay the Individual Fee of $120 each.
Tag League Spring 2017 Elite Pro-Series Fees
Division Team Fee* Team Deposit

Individual Fee

Individual Deposit
Mens $ 1,500 $ 300 $ 120 $ 30
Womens $ 1,500 $ 300 $ 120 $ 30
Mixed $ 1,500 $ 300 $ 120 $ 30
* Team Fee allows for up to 18 registered players.