Two New Competition Area's Announced

01 Sep 2015

The Tag League Association today announced the establishment of two new competition area's, Penrith to the West and Warringah to the North of Sydney. This is an exciting new development in the ongoing expansion of Tag League across Sydney, Amanda Vecchio, Secretary of the Tag League Association said. We are constantly working with Council's on access to fields which is key to us being able to provide access to our sport for local communities. This often takes years to achieve, given scarce availability of fields in many area's. So this is a major achievement, bringing our expansion to 3 new area's for the Spring 2015 Season in total. Warringah is being played on the newly redeveloped War Memorial Playing fields at Forestville, with games played after 7pm, allowing players the opportunity to get there after work. The new synthetic grass surface is ideal for our sport, and we are thankful to the support from Warringah Council in being able to access these fields. The Penrith Competition is being played at Baronia Park at North St Mary's, which has 3 large flood lit fields, so plenty of space for both Juniors and Seniors. New season competitions start in October, with registrations now being accepted. Details are available at: and