Tag League

World Championships Dates Announced

10 May 2014

The venue & dates for the 2015 World Tag League Championships have been announced. The event is to be held in the Sydney suburb of Fairfield on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st March 2015. Plans revealed show that the event is being developed as a major multi-cultural festival. "Its an opportunity for people of many ethnic diversities to come together and share in a common passion" Helmut Fleig, President of the Tag League Association said. "Fairfield was chosen as a fitting place to hold the World Championship event given its large and diverse ethnic population". Fairfield City has a long history of welcoming Refugees and Migrants, this coupled with the Indigenous and Islander communities makes Fairfield one of the most ethnically diverse suburbs in Sydney. Participants will have the opportunity to nominate to play under their flag of choice, be that the Australian Flag, Aboriginal Flag or the Flag of their country of heritage. Food outlets from a variety of cultural backgrounds will add to the atmosphere, as will the chants and drums that will beat in support of the various countries being represented. "We are also looking forward to welcoming an overseas contingent who will be attending the event. The winning teams from the New Zealand championships will be flying in for the event and will be carrying the flag for New Zealand". In the event that there are multiple teams nominating for a single nationality in any given division, draws will be developed such that those teams will meet in preliminary rounds, with the single most talented team representing their country in the Finals. More details will be announced in the coming weeks, with nominations to be accepted from October 2014. More details are available by "Clicking Here"