Tag League

School Holiday Program Announced for Summer

01 Dec 2015

The Tag League Association today announced a new School Holiday program in time for Summer. We know kids look forward to the holidays, but the extended break can sometimes lead to boredom and isolation from friends, Amanda Vecchio, Secretary of the Tag League Association said. I have 2 kids at school and by the time we get to January they will be looking  for something different to do with their friends. So we put some thought into this and have put together some Holiday Day Camps. These are low cost one day events open to boys & girls aged 6 to 16 years, designed to engage them in a fun, healthy, social activity. You can expect a full day of activities, mostly focused on skills development which will be exercised in games played on the day. There will be qualified coaches on hand supported by supervisors who have passed their Working with Children check. We have chosen some good quality venues which have great amenities & covered areas so the kids can chill out in the shade on their breaks. We will have music playing and have included some lunch. Our aim is for everyone to leave exhausted & happy, with a few more skills than they came with. Drop off is from 9.00am, with activities commencing from 9.30am. The program concludes at 3.30pm, with last pickup by 4.00pm. Registration is simple & quickly completed online. More details are available by Clicking Here.