Tag League

New Junior Competition in Southern Sydney

15 Jul 2015

The Tag League Association today announced the establishment of a new junior competition at Engadine, to the south of Sydney. This competition is a joint venture between the Tag League Association and the Bosco Youth Centre, Amanda Vecchio, Secretary of the Tag League Association said, and will be known as Bosco Tag League. We have been working on this project for 12 months now, but finally we are able to announce our first Junior competition in the southern suburbs of Sydney. This is also a great day for the Youth Centre, with the return of Tag to the Boystown Oval, Dave Jordan, President of the Bosco Youth Centre Association said. We were extremely disappointed when Oztag chose to take the competition away from Bosco after it had run successfully for many years. By partnering with the Tag League Association, we are once again able to offer a junior Tag competition with proceeds from the competition going to the Youth Centre. The new Bosco Tag League Competition site can be found at: www.BoscoTagLeague.com.au