Tag League

Junior Championships Plans Announced

19 Apr 2014

The Tag League Association today announced plans for a new Junior Championships event to played annually. The event is for school students in years 3 through 10 who can play in various divisions available based on their year at school & gender. The event is being launched in Sydney in Term 3 of 2014. Schools across Sydney can nominate to play in 1 of 4 qualification events, aligned to the School Region they are situated in;

  • Sydney Region (228 Schools)
  • South Western Sydney Region (274 Schools)
  • Western Sydney Region (240 Schools)
  • Northern Sydney Region (170 Schools)

Each Regional qualification event will be played at a quality sports venue in that school region. Provisional venues have been identified, with venues to be confirmed once dates are finalised. The Winners and Runners up in in each division from each Regional Event will be invited to play in the Championship event to be held later in the year in Term 4, with Skoda Stadium at Sydney Olympic Park identified as the venue.

"We are really happy with the way our Junior Development program is advancing", Helmut Fleig President of the Tag League Association said. "The Junior Championships concept is one we have been working on for a while and represents the next step in the development of pathways for the sport in the younger age groups. We have been running the equivalent of the qualification events for a few years now as Regional Schools Gala Days, and have had inquiries from schools as to whether the events could be used as pathways to somewhere."

With the launch of the Schools Program, the Tag league Association is now also able to assist schools in developing their teams for the competition. More Schools Sports Programs information is available by Clicking Here.

It is seen that the initiative could be replicated in other major cities that could eventually see the event develop into a National Championship.

More Junior Championship details are available by Clicking Here.